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voice recognition

What is voice analytics? Today voice analytics software can detect tone, language, topics, abusive language and even who is talking. The accuracy of this software has increased over the last decade and now enables reliable real-time transcription of conversations in multiple languages.

Previously, this technology was mainly used in contact centres to ensure scripts for policy or legal requirements were being complied with. However, today the use of this software can be extended into the enterprise environment to gain a better understanding of your customer, supplier and partner experiences. The use of voice biometrics i.e. the identification of who is talking, can be used for a range of applications including fraud detection (i.e. banking and insurance), identification of students for online exams and identification of staff for password resets.

These solutions can be delivered from the cloud as a SaaS or installed on premise, depending on your IT and security requirements.

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Andrew is a Technical Consultant providing enterprise architecture, technical project management, strategic planning, conceptual design, high level design and requirements analysis for ICT infrastructure projects. Andrew specialises in Internet of Things (IoT), SmartCity, Clinical Messaging and Unified communications (UC) strategy, design and implementation. Andrew has previously worked for The Frame Group. Also EDS and Dimension Data in the UK. With over 15 years working in IT Infrastructure Andrew has a wide range of experience in several vertical markets including Health, Finance, Government, Education, Manufacturing and Construction.

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