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As a parent, safety for our children in schools and higher education is of the utmost importance. With increased incidents of shooting in the US and the threat of an attack or sexual predators in our institutions within Australia, awareness of the situation for both staff and students is paramount. When an event of this nature occurs, although rare and unlikely, rapid alerting and response is the key to protecting the staff and students.

A messaging system can provide a simple yet effective mechanism which allows anyone to raise an alarm. This will provide fast and guaranteed communication to enable a rapid response to such an incident. In this kind of situation you want to know that someone is responding, these systems have built in workflows based on your business rules to ensure events are escalated if required. Messaging systems can also provide audit logs to assist with post event analysis to improve your processes for possible future events.

The same messaging system can also be used for a wide range of other applications. Systems are available using various technologies and deployment methods.

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Andrew is a Technical Consultant providing enterprise architecture, technical project management, strategic planning, conceptual design, high level design and requirements analysis for ICT infrastructure projects. Andrew specialises in Internet of Things (IoT), SmartCity, Clinical Messaging and Unified communications (UC) strategy, design and implementation. Andrew has previously worked for The Frame Group. Also EDS and Dimension Data in the UK. With over 15 years working in IT Infrastructure Andrew has a wide range of experience in several vertical markets including Health, Finance, Government, Education, Manufacturing and Construction.

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