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ICT360 is an Information Communications and Technology (ICT) solutions provider for IoT applications and workflow automation as well as consulting in strategy, design and project delivery services for public and private sector organisations.


As a leading expert in ICT infrastructure and critical messaging systems in APAC with a team that combines over 40 years of ICT experience in the Health, Education, Transport, Defence and Government Industries, ICT360 is focused on providing strategic guidance, design, implementation and support for Internet of Things technologies (IoT), Unified Communications (UC), critical messaging solutions, cybersecurity, digital health infrastructure, smart cities, airport control centres, network designs and implementations.


ICT360 was founded and is led by Andrew Latham (Chief Executive Officer) and Akin Utku (Chief Operating Officer) and can offer its services throughout Australia. The team shares a belief that understanding your business requirements, large or small, before developing a technical solution, is the foundation of any successful project.


ICT360 provides solutions and consulting for monitoring products and services that can be deployed in both general commercial and remote or difficult areas. We provide solutions and consulting in workflow automation, alerting and response systems that can ensure your business can sense, react, collaborate and adapt to situations as they unfold in real time.


ICT360 have a range of technical solutions to fit your business requirements that leverage current and emerging IoT technologies with a practical approach. Simply put, ICT360 helps move IoT from a buzzword to a practical implementation for your organisation.


The team at ICT360 all have varied and extensive ICT backgrounds and have a wealth of experience having delivered projects within Health, Defence, Transport, Government and Education Industries.

We are agile and reactive to the needs of our clients. With our combined knowledge and experience, we remove the complexity surrounding technology.

This is what sets ICT360 apart.


We are tailoring technology to your business.

Andrew Latham & Akin Utku


Consulting, Implementation and Support

  • ICT Strategy and costing models
  • Unified Communications and Collaboration
  • Security and Identity Management
  • Real Time Location Services and Analytics
  • Conceptual through to Detailed Design
  • Network Infrastructure (LAN, WLAN, WAN)
  • Critical Messaging and Clinical Messaging
  • Internet of Things, Tracking & Reporting


1. Sense
A selection of sensors that can be tailored to specific applications.
The sensors can be completely wireless and provide battery lifetime of up to 5 or more years.

2. React
Logic can be applied to incoming sensory telemetry data or other integrations.
If necessary actions are triggered.

3. Collaborate
Provides automation of processes, workflows, alerts, and escalation in a collaborative manner.
Integrate with your existing systems and Integrate with your existing business processes.

4. Adapt
Simple reports for trend analysis and efficiencies. Audit reporting to ensure accountability.